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Will we be able to feel or notice when the andromeda galaxy collides with ours?

The andromeda galaxy will collide with ours in about 4.5 billion years (4.5 billion years is also the age of the Sun. Coincidence? yes). By then, it seems unlikely that any humans will still be around. Even if we spread across the galaxy somehow, presumably we’ll have evolved into something we wouldn’t recognise as human.

But if we ignore that and imagine what would happen if we are around… I don’t think we’d feel anything. Astronomers would be having a great time, there’d be so much going on. Astrologers would be panicking as all the constellations fall apart.

But the thing is that it would all be pretty slow on human timescales, and it’s unlikely that any stars will be colliding with other stars. The Sun might get thrown out of the new galaxy forming from the collision, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing for anyone living around it, apart from disrupting our plans for galactic domination.

By the way, if you want to see what it would look like, the game Universe Sandbox has a simulation of it, it’s pretty cool to watch

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