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The Smiling Man

Early evening 7-year-old Mia was watching Mickey Mouse in her room with her toys around her.

She was all alone when she heard some weird noise from another room. Again when another time she heard the same thing she gets up and went to check.

There she finds a blue balloon attached to a plastic bag with broken toys inside. Downwards the stairs there was another red color balloon in the path. Mia walks towards the red ballon holding the blue balloon bag. The red balloon too had some broken pieces of toys inside the bag attached to it.

Meanwhile, she sees the upside room door getting closed from inside. While watching the door a weird black hand pass through her shoulder.

Mia did not realize it and continue walking downward and see one more balloon. This time the balloon was black and a bit big.

With the blue and red balloon in hand, Mia walks toward the black balloon slowly. As soon as she picks up the black balloon she sees a shadow passing to the kitchen. Mia turns on the light in the kitchen and sees the grocery bags fallen down.

Mia enter the kitchen and sees a person hiding behind the table. Brave Mia go closer to the hiding person. The person was a weird looking man who smiles towards Mia. The man do a magic trick and pop out a red ball which make Mia smile.

Later the smiling man takes the blood from his right side floor and applies it to his eyes. Quite disturbed Mia gets shocked when she sees her mother wrapped in a plastic bag and the smiling man taking her mother’s blood on the floor and applying it on his face.

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