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Sophia's Blog

Two Devices Connected

It was late 11:24 Thursday, November 21 night I was getting out of the office. In the parking area unlocking the car, I walk towards my car and get in. I start the engine and connect my phone to the car but it speaks Two Devices Connected.

I check that only my car is in the entire parking block. Then I check my phone. I thought it might be a technical bug or something so I try to forget it and prepare for getting out. As soon as I touch the gearbox my hands feel some wet thing which was nothing but blood. Again the car speaker says phone connected.

I was trying to wipe out the blood on my hand and I was not even finished with it and the car speak again Two Devices Connected. Soon I hear some weird noise from the back trunk of my car.

Breathing heavily I walk out of the car and check the trunk and I found the man I kidnap was trying to connect my car thinking it someone else. I break his phone and get out of there with it.

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