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Dear Toby

Dear Toby has returned …

but Toby is different.

My name is Brooke. I am a 10-year-old girl. I live with my mom. I don’t know where my dad is and my mom doesn’t tell me. But I have something that is better than a dad:

A dog! His name is Toby. My dear toby.

My favorite activity is getting Toby out of the house and going to the park.

In the park, I let Toby go and watch him play.

But one day a year ago I went to the park and released Toby.

Toby played for a while, but then stopped.

“Toby, are you okay?” -I asked for.

Toby was looking into the forest.

After two minutes, Toby entered the forest very quickly.

I ran to look for it but lost it.

A year passed and Toby hadn’t come home … until yesterday.

I was sitting on the patio. Then I saw a dog in the distance. I was walking towards my house.

“Toby ?! I yelled. I hugged him.

But Toby is different.

At night, I fall asleep in my bed, but I wake up in the middle of the night.

I open my eyes and see something horrifying.

Toby’s head is directly in front of my face, and Toby… smiles.

“Toby?” -I ask.

Toby doesn’t move for a minute,

but later, Toby lies down and returns to normal.

Every night Toby does this. What about Toby?

One night I wake up and Toby is not in my room. Where’s Toby?

I get up and leave my room, and then I stop in the middle of the hall.

Toby is at the end of the hall.

He looks at me, smiles, and growls.

“Toby, it’s me.” Everything is fine.

“Toby runs to me.” I scream and go into my room.

Toby attacks the door and the door breaks.

I jump out my window.

I run quickly but I fall.

I look behind me and see Toby running towards me with his smile.

Open the mouth. But something attacks Toby. It’s another dog!

Toby and the other dog fight for a long time and finally, Toby dies.

The other dog walks up to me and wags his tail. I’m surprised.

“Toby?” “The other dog is the real Toby.”

The next day my mom finally tells me about my dad. He says that when I was a baby, my dad was very bad.

He went to prison.

But one night he escaped from prison

And he entered my room. My mom came in and saw my dad very close to my face with a devilish smile,

but Dear Toby saved me. He attacked and killed my father.

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