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The Room Keyhole

The Room Keyhole

It was a cold and rainy night. A man entered a hotel. When he entered the hotel, he walked over to the lady who worked there and said, “Please, I need a lodge for tonight.

“There’s only one one,” the lady said.

“Okay, please give it to me.”

“Okay,” said the lady. “But I have to tell you something.”

This room is 303, and you’re going to hear noises on 304, but please don’t look through the eye of the door, and please don’t try to enter.

The confused man nodded.

The man went up to his room, 303, and saw that 304 was a very strange door, black in color, it was old. The man came into his room and he was very tired, so he fell asleep quickly. But he woke up in the night because he heard a woman screaming. He got up, left his room and walked to 304.

He heard the screams of the woman. He remembered that the lady who worked for the hotel told him not to do anything with that room, but he was very curious. He looked through the keyhole of the door. It was a very dark room … but in the back of the there, he could see a woman with long black hair, with very white skin, crying.

The man got up, thought it was very strange, and then knocked on the door.

Ms? Are you okay? He looked into the eye again, but this time, he could only see the color red. Everything was red, and he felt a cold touch his eye. He got up and went into his room. He heard no more screaming all night.

In the morning the man thanked the lady who worked for the hotel, and said, “What about the lady in room 304?”

“So you looked through the eye of the door?” Well. It is a woman who died in the room 3 years ago. And she is a ghost.

He has very, very white skin … but his eyes are the rarest. His eyes are completely red.

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