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How my Former Friend Life was ruined because of her N*des.

Clarisse a close friend of mine had a Best friend named Alice. They became friends freshmen year of HighSchool and throughout their friendship, there were a few red flags about Alice, she was very bold yet also likes to gamble with her body. One time Clarisse read in her Diary in 8th grade and she read how one time Alice went to the bar and wanted to experience intercourse and mind you she was 14 at that time. I have no hate against s*x this but she’s underage and in a bar alone.

Clarisse really cared for Alice and would also spoil Alice, Clarisse would give expensive clothes and colognes to Alice and even Clarisse’s mom would treat Alice like her own daughter and spoil her as well. A year ago, Alice had a relationship with a guy named Anthony who was in the same year as us, at first they became close and had a relationship.

That summer Alice deposited money and booked a room in a motel and it was only her and Anthony. That day Clarisse and her Boyfriend were supposed to hang out with Alice and her boyfriend as well, but Alice backed out saying that she and Anthony had other plans. Anthony already knew about Alice’s desires he knew what was coming for him that day

That night after what had happened Alice sent photos of her doing the dirty with Anthony Clarisse after Alice sent the photos Alice sent a message “So? Is it okay?”, Clarisse was shocked and disappointed she just said yes even though in reality it was a lie. Fast forward to August school started, and that’s when Alice and I became close with me and my best friend, after a month she showed us the pic although this one was a selfie mirror of her naked and Anthony holding her blobs.

We were frozen in the spot because of what she showed us and that her reaction seemed very happy and proud. I told her to delete it but she said it was only for keeps. Luckily she never sent us any photos. Three weeks later thats when it started spreading around the school.

It leaked because one time during class Alice’s apple share was on and one of her classmates went through the portal of her gallery and saw the Pictures and spread it around the school. Next week after that it was a Thursday morning that’s when I saw some of my classmates gather around looking at one of my classmates phone, at first I did not know what they were talking about, and so I asked a girl in my class what are they talking about? and she said its a picture of Anthony and Alice doing the dirty.

I was shocked and acted that I didn’t know about it, I went to my best friend and told her about it and she also told Anthony, that’s when shit started to turn into fire. I won’t explain how it ended but Alice is no longer friends with me, my best friend, and Clarisse. Not only that but she transferred schools and is still finding another relationship or maybe someone to F with and it seems like she hasn’t learned her lesson


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