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I met the actor Tom Guiry

A few years ago on a flight from NYC to Rochester, NY I started up a conversation with the person sitting next to me asking them the normal questions you ask of your seatmates. He was none other than actor Tom Guiry.

Where are you going, why are you going there, etc? Long story short he tells me that he is going to an actors convention in Buffalo and that he was the lead in the movie “The Sandlot” which I had heard of but never seen.

I told him that I hadn’t seen it and didn’t know much about it. I think he was glad to talk to someone who hadn’t seen the movie because he immediately starts asking me about myself.

I tell Tom about working in the cannabis industry and Tom Guiry just asks question after question, which I was more than happy to answer. He was a chill guy but you could tell he wasn’t used to people not overreacting to his acting career.


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