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The rise of the garlic robots

the rise of the garlic robots

29.04.2045Genetic research and robotics are now going hand in hand, artificial intelligence is used to print outbionic human-like androids.

Yesterday ,some crazy scientist from the agricultural sectordropped some garlic DNA in the android production control panel.The machine was confused by the strange sample that has been submitted to the algorithm.

The scientist did not tell anyone about this.He wanted to create a humanoid robot which is able to grow as a plant to save resources and energy.The other scientists would not have liked his idea.

The whole robotic manufacturing plant suddenly smelled like garlic.A system error made it impossible to stop the machine and the workers started to panic.Only a full system reset could stop the machine from producing garlic robots.But it was too late.

As soon as the security officer reached the main control panel with the emergency restart console,the first garlic robot already left the factory.

The garlic robot, a white human-like creature, powered by both – photosynthesis and fusion cells is more powerful than any robot before. Security forces used their handguns in order to stop him. Garlic robot can regrow fast. It is unstoppable now.

The garlic robot ran faster than all the other androids, due to it’s dual-power mechanism.A few days later, they lost the trace of the garlic robot and hope he won’t return.

Meanwhile, the smelly robot found an abandoned farm, where it dropped it’s seeds into the soil.An army of garlic robots will grow there. A bionic plant robot which can regenerate, reproduce and hide it’s seeds in the soil until they get activated. A swarm intelligence.

Only time will tell how long it will take for the garlic robots to take over the planet.


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