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Artemis Fowl: A Real Winner

Artemis fowl By Anonymous Writer

So, to all the ladies and men out there, there’s this guy on Tinder named “artemis fowl” I’m not too certain on the spelling of his username, he may have created a new profile.

Artemis Fowl is from NY originally but he’s in CA atm. He doesn’t disclose his STD status to any of his sexual encounters. Artemis Fowl STD status is one that is permanent. One that stays with you for life.

Artemis fowl has long, brown hair with highlights. He’s unemployed (except for Amazon deliveries) and he lies about his age and he drives a White Jeep Compass 2017. His real name is Angel.

He’s Hispanic but looks fairly caucasian. If you come across him unless you don’t mind getting infected think twice. I’d add a photo but not sure if that’s allowed.

Artemis Fowl smokes a lot of weed and has no conscience regarding who gets sick from him. I’m trying to be as detailed as possible. You have been warned.

Tip: The last time I heard about him, he was wearing black sunglasses in his user photo.

Artemis Fowl: A Real Winner
  1. Why not just start liking her? She’s putting herself out there. That’s hard for some people. Don’t be a dick
  2. You could, I don’t know, be upright and honest with her and say, “Hey, I’m sorry, but I’m not particularly interested”
  3. Yeah, you either make a choice that this person is a friend and you value that and will continue to go on with conversations, maybe you don’t always respond right away but you do maintain conversations….or you be upfront and tell her how you feel and close that door right there.
  4. Invite her to a sleepover

Thank you for reading.

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