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Faked in my Resume For High Salary Job

Confession By Big Dragon Fruit: I Faked My Credentials in my Resume to Get A High Salary Job

My third job, which was a few years ago already, was a mid-management job in a corporation. I resigned from my second job because, although I like what I am doing, the people are not so good. Sadly, I resigned without a job waiting for me.

A week after I resigned, I started job hunting. However, I am either overqualified for the jobs or underqualified. I would go on interviews but I would not be given the job offer. This had been for four months.

In the fifth month, I had a crazy idea. I “padded” my resume. It included skills that I only heard (i.e. use of Oracle) when I only heard it from my colleagues. Also included some accomplishments that I only was part of the team and made the innovations bigger than it really is.

One of the reference that I wrote there was a “mentor” supposedly, but was just a friend that I asked to pretend for me. I also lied about my “current earnings” by including some made-up freelancr jobs in order to increase my ask price.

After using this resume for few weeks, I was able to land interviews. I interviewed for a mid-management job for a corporation, and I was able to get the job offer.

Icing in the cake: My salary offer was 4x than my actual salary at that time.

Apply For Unemployment and start Calling my Contacts for another job.

Go to another job.

Sleep. I need some fucking sleep.

Take a month off.


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