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I and my friends drank and drove at night

Me and my friends drank and drove yesterday at night Confession by Living is Great

I’m not terribly haunted by guilt or anything, I wasn’t the one driving. I just feel weird abt it, my best friend died in a car crash when I was 12 and she was 13. So it’s weird that I could’ve been a part of someone else losing their best friend.

I and a couple of friends drank yesterday, and we wanted to drive. Not the smartest thing obviously. There were 4 of us and 1 was sober, and that was my GF. My GF and I got in separate cars, and both of the drivers were drunk.

Nothing bad happened but still feels weird. I don’t know. Something could’ve happened, luckily not though.

You can’t… he just needs to sack up to his own damn self… if he cants well then that is on him.

Well, there is the reverse, ask him for advice and describe his relationship and then ask him to follow his own advice.

If he’s being stalked, collect the evidence of that. Cops are beginning to take male stalking victims more seriously and you should be able to obtain Restraining order. If he doesn’t own a gun, my advice is to purchase one. In case things go off the rails completely. And she fulls out physically attacks him God forbid but sometimes stuff happens and it shocks us.

He should gather evidence of her physical abuse, save the texts too. If/when they break up she might try to accuse him of abusing her and no one is going to believe him unless he has a lot of evidence to the contrary. He’s an investment banker, he has a reputation to protect and a lot to lose financially.

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