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Used to steal money from the school store

I used to steal money from the school store when I was in middle school to afford food. Confession by QBertZipFile

When I was in schoo l was very very poor. Too poor to afford new clothes or for my mom to go a day without working. I wanted to be helpful and I didn’t want to be at home with my abusive stepfather so I decided to help with my middle school’s student council.

I was able to stay after school for a few extra hours and it felt like what I did matter, even if it didn’t. Eventually started going to the school store, which had a line going from our doors all the way to the front doors (over 50 feet) every single day after school. We would serve three students at a time.

Student council kids were responsible for taking the cash and putting it in the register and then giving change and so forth. Sometimes, I would pocket the bills and still give back the change. Sometimes I would give back the wrong change and pocket the leftover. Middle school students never knew the difference.

Looking back at it, the teacher who was in charge of our student council knew. He always knew that it was me and he never asked or got me in trouble. Knew how poor I was, and how badly I needed food after school. He never said anything… but I still think about it often, even though I have become successful. I have never told a soul until now.

Thank you, Mr. Griffin, I was able to afford to feed myself and my sisters for two years because of you.

Brand name clothing with logos on them. Basically, you pay top dollar to be a walking billboard. I cant sort of understand when people buy brand T-shirts or mass-produced TV Show or video games. If they like it and want to support that but when it’s just a company logo. It’s Total waste.

IMHO guns are a huge waste of money. I understand that some people feel safer while carrying a gun. I would feel safer if I wear a helmet every time I left the house…but is it really that necessary?

Flowers. I think they are so useless. I had rather have a card or chocolate or something I can actually use. Or it has to be flowers something in a pot or something or seeds. Something that does not just die in a few days and become something I have to get rid of.

Lots of people pay experts for minor home repair rather than learn to do it themselves. I would consider this a waste because it’s less expensive to do it myself but also personally rewarding as I learn from it and I feel a sense of accomplishment.

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