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Broke A laptop At Work & Blame It On Others

I broke a laptop at work and let everyone think it was the employee that quit Confession By Mr. Reddy

Breaking Laptop. I have one more month left at work, so I feel comfortable admitting to what happened now. This happened in September last year. It was my second day at work, and I was being trained by a girl who was quitting the next day.

Everyone knew she was quitting, and everyone hated her. I didn’t know anything about her, so I had nothing against her.

Anyways, she was the only one training me at work. When she was out of the room doing something else, I decided to try and organize the office and the laptop chargers.

My clumsy self accidentally dropped one of the staff laptops, and it landed right on its corner. I quickly put it back and pretended as nothing happened. The girl training me came back and tried to show me how to do something on the staff laptop.

Turns out, that was the one laptop (out of like four) that had all the “master copies,” or the original documents. She opened the laptop, and the screen was completely blank.

The corner where it had dropped shattered on the inside. She had no idea what happened, and I pretended like I had no idea because I was new. We spent the rest of the shift trying to recover the documents.

When the next staff came in, I said my training went well but that something happened with one of the laptops. After I left, the girl training me was done working at that place. No one had an explanation for what happened to the laptop.

Then there were rumors that the girl training me broke it because it happened on her last day and she didn’t like the job. I’m not sure if they tried to hold her legally responsible for the laptop. I don’t think I’ll ever know, and I don’t think I ever want to. Oops D:

It’s been long enough that we can laugh about it right? Hah

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