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Top 10 Confession to learn something Week 20

Disclaimer and some basic things to follow before you read Confession.

It’s a confession to learn from other’s mistakes. Anything “wholesome” does not belong here, period. Cutesy stories about the quirky things you do with your husband/pet/child do not belong here.

All confessions are to be about an immoral or illegal act you, the poster, have committed, with malicious intent. Your confession can not be what your sister/roommate/step-father did. It is not a rant about the terrible things other people have done to you. It is not an accident or an innocent mistake on your part.

This article is specifically about people who have done horrible things and want to come clean and talk about their misdeeds. It is not a place to brag about things you’ve gotten away with, farm karma with amusing stories, or just generally vent about your life.

Politics do not belong here. This aligns with rule 1, as this is not the place to post your opinions and start arguments. There are plenty of subs already for that purpose. Take it there.

Do not post spam, memes, shitpost, jokes, etc. We ask that you try to meaningfully contribute to the conversation.

Due to constant scams and abuse we do not allow any form of crowdfunding. Routinely we get post about someone’s unfortunate situation followed by a paypal link. If you are fishing for donations or just posting spam in the form of advertising your youtube channel, twitch, onlyfans, etc, you will be banned.


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