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In a secret relationship with my late husband’s nephew

I’m [40F] in a secret relationship with my late husband’s nephew [28M].

My husband died 4 years ago in a car crash, leaving me and my daughters alone. I wasn’t interested in dating again as my main focus was to raise my children. After an year later, husband’s nephew got selected to a nearby university, and moved in with us. He was really helpful for us; he did many household chores without ever being asked and willingly taught my children.

After that, he became another family member and we were like best friends until he decided to ‘confess’ last year.

Said that he doesn’t consider me as his aunt anymore and he’s willing to date me despite our 12 year age gap. He wasn’t a creepy guy for the whole time and seemed to be heavily obsessed with me. We didn’t spoke for several days after that. I was annoyed at first, but the fact that I’m still getting attention from a young guy like him made me exited. I’m not a super hot aunt, and I knew he dated really pretty girls.

I really liked that I’ve become the center of attention of someone again after a long time. It seemed harmless, so I let him to take me on a ‘date’. He took me to an expensive restaurant. He said he was not expecting an answer but willing to be with me. Maybe I felt pity for him, and maybe I liked the attention.

I wasn’t sure if he really loved me or just attracted to my body (I knew guys his age have an older woman fantasy), so I suggested him a sexless dating arrangement just to check if he’s backing out. Surprisingly he was really happy with it and so we began ‘dating’ last December, behind my children’s back.

We don’t have sex and he’s happy with it. Actually I’m not much interested in sexual stuff and I also feel guilty to sleep with someone other than my husband. I’ve mentioned him several times that I consider this as an open relationship and he’s free to date/sex with anyone he wants, but he refuses to do that and says he prefers being with me.

I don’t know what has happened to him. The only intimate thing between us is hugging and watching movies clinging to each other. Sometimes I tease him; he just enjoys it and hasn’t asked to even see me naked yet. He prefers ‘Netflix and Chill’ nights where he’s watching TV with his head on my lap.

It has been 6 months and he never crossed the line in any way so far. I don’t know where this would lead us in the future but I think both of us are happy with this.

TL;dr:┬áMy late husband’s nephew is heavily obsessed with me and I offered a sexless dating arrangement for him which he agreed and didn’t cross the line for the past 6 months. Don’t know where would this lead us.

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