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Netflix Most Cringe TV Shows of May 2021

Why Netflix Why?

Netflix Jupiter’s Legacy

Short Summary:

The first generation of superheroes has kept the world safe for nearly a century. Now their children must live up to their legacy in an epic drama that spans decades and navigates the dynamics of family, power, as well as loyalty.

Creator: Steven S. DeKnight

Stars: Josh Duhamel, Ben Daniels, Leslie Bibb

Release Date: 7 May 2021

DRAB is the best word to describe this series. The trailer touts a superheroes saga but it ends up as a soap opera-ish family drama.

If you are a superhero fan, the action shown in the trailer is more or less what you get. If you are a drama fan the badly written characters, as well as poor acting, will let you down.

The series is highly verbose, characters mouthing pages of lines to express themselves , something that may have probably worked in the 80s. If the screenplay was tautly written this season would probably have had 4 enjoyable episodes.

The original comics have a great premise as well as a storyline which were sadly not leveraged. The characters come out one dimensional with no arches or growth thru the series.

Pray that Netflix gets superpowers to realize a season2 of the current version is not worth the money.

Castlevania: Season 4

Short Summary:

A vampire hunter fights to save a besieged city from an army of otherworldly creatures controlled by Dracula.

netflix lundbudhi

Creator: Warren Ellis

Stars: Richard Armitage, James Callis, Alejandra Reynoso

Release Date: 13 May 2021

Season 1 starts strong but Season 2 nosedives so hard, so fast, the show was ruined before we can fully appreciate the horrid voice acting as well as cringe dialogue.

The music is good but bland, where are the classics? Was Dracula replaced with some random female because you thought the Ghostbusters reboot was a success and you want to copy it? We came to see Dracula and the Belmonts but let me guess, you’ll now overpower the female vampire because this is Netflix after all. Yet Dracula was mopey and bored through most of the show, doing nothing. Pathetic.

I’m trying to rationalize the good reviews and I assume it’s because people expected complete trash but this show has some positives – such as the background art, music, occasional (very rare) violent fight scenes. But most of the animation itself is very sub-par, characters freeze-frame in ridiculous poses, you’d think it’ll be better considering the hype around it and the Netflix funding.

It’s really not your holy fantastic retro game adaptation, and you should’ve all known it was gonna be like this because it’s Netflix producing it. Before you know it it’ll be Feministvania and all the male characters will be killed off, mark my words. It’s already happening.

netflix bc

If you really want to watch it, watch the first 3 episodes of Season 1 and call it a day, the rest is a waste of time.

Love, Death + Robots: Season 2

Short Summary:

A collection of animated short stories that span various genres including science fiction, fantasy, horror, and comedy.

netflix mc

Creator: Tim Miller

Stars: Scott Whyte, Nolan North, Steven Pacey

Release Date: 14 May 2021

It never ceases to amaze me how many people exist out there that you can spoon-feed garbage to and they will come back and tell you it tasted like delicious ice cream. This appears to be one of those very same situations.

I watched the first 2 all the way through and tried to watch 6 more beyond that, but was unable to complete them. Some of them had very good animation going on, others not so much. They ALL had terrible writing, dialogue, and voice acting in common, however.

If adults came up with this, then they are NOT masters of their craft. They either don’t have a talent for writing, or they need to get a lot more life experience under their belt before they should be given a platform like this to show off their work.

Every Netflix show I watched was loaded with extremely predictable scenes and plots, VERY bad dialogue, and very frequent clich├ęs. Most of them tried very hard to be artistic, but it all felt so forced. As such, it failed to deliver any real entertainment value to me.

Most people are giving this pile of garbage a ten-star rating… TEN STARS!! Y’all realize that means this is one of THE BEST THINGS YOU’VE EVER SEEN IN YOUR LIFE! I bet most of you gave Aquaman 10 stars as well. The celebration of mediocrity continues… sadly…


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