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Loki series review

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Loki series review

Early review for Loki — First two episodes are pure Marvel magic. Easily one of the best Marvel projects ever and that’s no exaggeration. This will wake up anyone who is tired of MCU projects. Loki reminds us why Marvel is so good at what it does.

Loki is clever, funny, weird, and just comfortable? Can’t explain it but you’ll feel right at home watching it. You’ll laugh, you’ll theorize and you’ll crave the next episode. You’ll look for Easter eggs (and find them).

Loki has huge WandaVision vibes. But it’s green — and less confusing. It really leans into the mystery/theme rather than making you wait for answers. It embraces the oddity of it all.

If we’re talking MCU rankings, I’d rank Loki near where you have ThorRagnarok. It’s that good.

It takes a little long to get going. Hopefully the antics don’t get tired or played out. Could see that happening.

Tom is great in his return to the role. Owen Wilson is complete. The entire supporting case fits perfectly. It’s a great ensemble that fits the mood of the series.

Seriously y’all, Loki is beyond fun and I highly recommend it for Marvel fans. Non-MCU fans may struggle to keep up (though they do a decent job recapping things). Enjoyable for all.


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Blink and you missed some info about Loki.

It is set to debut on Wednesday.

The latest teaser for the new Disney+ series includes a quick shot of a file on the Marvel character written by a bureaucratic organization, the Time Variance Authority, and where Loki’s sex is listed, it says “fluid.”

It’s a small bit of info about the God of Mischief that had been speculated about for a while, and it quickly sparked conversation on social media after the show’s official Twitter account shared the teaser on Sunday.

Tom Hiddleston has portrayed the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe film franchise and reprises the role in the Disney+ series.

Will Thor be in Loki?

Yes, It Is Possible For Thor To Appear In Loki.

What will the Loki series be about?

Among the shows will be Loki, a series focusing on the titular Asgardian trickster who’s played a prominent role in the evolution of Marvel’s movieverse. Tom Hiddleston will reprise his MCU role for the series, according to the latest reports on the show.5 days ago

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