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Police forces in brazil celebrate a theif’s 18th birthday because they can’t arrest anyone under 18

There were no candles on the cake, so he could not make a wish to escape that situation. Smart police right there.

I wonder if they have it timed, and once the clock hits they’re gonna slam the kid into the cake.

Jokes aside, government and police need to do more to help people so they don’t need to resort to stealing in the first place. A sign of a broken society

Capitalist society really is sick. Not my original point but clearly an issue of a society mad with getting ahead of others just because they can.

Didn’t realize there were so many millionaires and billionaires on Reddit with all these comments defending capitalism.

A little insight, us poor folks get the short straw when it comes to an open market, policies favoring business over the community, lack of Union rights, etc so don’t be surprised when we say fuck your idea of ‘pull yourself up by the bootstraps’ kuz nah this shit is skewed as fuck and often only favors those already ahead, with a lucky few getting through the bullshit. Eat the rich.

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