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Canadian actress Katheryn Winnick in Sean Penn directorial ‘Flag Day’

Canadian actress Katheryn Winnick on Saturday said she’s honored to be part of the cast of Sean Penn directorial “Flag Day”

Canadian actress to ft in Sean Penn directorial 'Flag Day'

The actress, who rose to global fame for her role as Lagertha in “Vikings” said the film is premiering at Cannes Film Festival and would release in theaters this  year.

Without sharing the exact release date, she wrote, “FLAG DAY, directed by the one and only Sean Penn, is premiering at Cannes Film Festival and hitting movie theatres this year! A true labor of love took almost a decade to get made. Honored to be a part of this incredible story.”

  1. June 13, 2021 - Reply

    Strange how so many actresses have male facial structures and remarkably tall. I’m a woman and never see women in real life with jaws/cheeks like this. Even skinny women. Pretty weird how they all end up as actors.

    Almost makes me think there’s some kind of agenda behind it.

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