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YouTube Channel Shuts Down for Advertising Warzone Console Hacks by Activision

Earlier this week, we found out about a YouTube new hack that was making its way around Call of Duty. The hack doesn’t have a specific name (at least, not that we could find), but it promised PC-quality hacks on console through the use of advanced AI.

According to the Anti-Cheat Police Department Twitter account, the cheat would make use of a machine-learning algorithm to react to gameplay faster than a human ever could. On PC, the hack is harder to detect because there’s technically nothing interacting with the game files–the AI is handling all the fancy aimbotting just based on what the game is outputting. Using a capture card would allow that AI to bridge the PC/console gap and start hacking its way through PlayStation and Xbox players.

We got to see the hack in action thanks to a YouTube ad, and it looked pretty scary–especially to console players unused to dealing with this level of hacking.

But if we know, then so does Activision. The ACPD Twitter account has updated us on Activision’s latest moves to take on the hacking menace. The Call of Duty publisher has apparently taken down the YouTube channel advertising the new machine-learning cheat, and the ACPD speculates this is likely the first sign of a larger campaign against hackers.

Raven Software is fighting a never-ending battle against Warzone hackers. The latest update from May revealed that over half a million accounts had been banned so far, and that number has surely climbed even higher since then.

Not everyone who’s good in Warzone is a hacker, though. Solo quads world record holder MuTeX was recently accused of being a hacker, so he decided to prove his skill by setting up five separate cameras to record his hands, screen, face, and computer as he played. He seems legit, though, since his most recent stream went by without a single hacking accusation.

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