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Taiwan sees record-high power consumption

Demand for electricity rocketed to an historic high on Tuesday (July 13) amid high temperatures and more people staying home due to the pandemic.

Taipower said yesterday at 2:59 p.m., power consumption surged to 38,599 megawatts, breaking the previous record of 38,444 megawatts set on May 27, according to CNA. This caused reserve capacity to dip from 8.97 percent down to 7.44 percent.

The state-owned power company color codes reserves are yellow at between 6-10 percent, meaning that electricity supplies are tight. Operating reserves that fall below 6 percent are orange or an “Emergency Stage 1,” while excess capacity over 10 percent is green, signaling supply is adequate.

According to Taipower, reserve capacity is predicted to remain tight at 8.39 percent today and 8.49 percent on Thursday (July 15). Reserves are expected to return to over 10 percent on Friday.

The company is also forecasting operating reserves to be around 10.92 percent at the end of July and at around 12.87 percent in the middle of September. Taipower is urging citizens to help save power by keeping their air conditioners set at between 26-28 degrees Celsius.

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