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New single Normani Feat. Cardi B: Wild Side

Normani took her time with this one. The former Fifth Harmony star has returned with “Wild Side,” her first official single since 2019’s “Motivation,” and she’s showing off the parts of her that fans never get to see. The R-rated track features Cardi B, who cast Normani in her “WAP” music video last year (one of her many strokes of utter genius).

Directed by Tanu Muino with creative direction from Maxime Quoilin, Normani commands the attention of every camera across dynamic sets.

She shows off all her dance training, from body rolls to floor work to popping and locking, all while styled in updated 2000s fashion baggy pants and tiny tops galore. She joins the R&B songstress wearing nothing but the (glowing) skin she’s in

“Dancing With A Stranger”, her celebrated collaboration with Sam Smith, was a huge success, as was her debut solo single “Motivation”. She appeared in Cardi B’s infamous music video for “WAP” last summer, and now the two women are teaming up again.

On “Wild Side” we get to hear both the sultry vocals of Normani and the raw raps of Cardi B. Yet the number colors nicely in the lines. Normani treats us to dreamy, somewhat monotonous R&B, but Cardi B stanza provides the necessary variety.

“Wild Side” doesn’t break the bank, but it does form a pleasant track that makes the question grow louder: where is Normani’s debut album now?

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