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BioShock: Best/Worst Questions So Far On Social Media

Best/Worst Questions about Bioshock So Far On Social Media article contains 1070 words which will take 6 minutes 33 seconds to read.

Best/Worst Questions about Bioshock So Far On Social Media

What kind of Bioshock Plasmids/Vigors do you think you could get for a penis?

ShouRonbou: the charge Vigor cause reasons

With Rumors that Bioshock 4 will be Open World 🌍 What Linear Game would you like to see set in an Open World?

rekt_ralph91: Parasite Eve.

What_Is_Wrong_Mate: Call of Duty

lightdreamer1985: I wouldn’t mind seeing an open-world Warhammer 40k Inquisitor game.

nbowman93: Tetris

Twilight_Zelda: I’d say Zelda, but they already had that idea as well as made it happen. I liked it.

STG_Resnov: I think that Halo will be kinda neat with an open-world approach. I know Infinite will have something similar to an open world, so here’s hoping that it works well.

What is the worst and best Bioshock games in your Opinion?

mehgtfo: I think BioShock 1 is the best one. It’s at least the one I liked the most. Least favorite was infinite. First of all, I got that remastered edition thing that was unplayable for the longest time, then I really disliked the companion (yes seriously) as well as I found the story dissatisfying.

0rganicMach1ne: I struggle with this. For me, I feel like B1 set it all up. B2 has the best gameplay with everything that’s available to you and what you can do with weapons and abilities. And what Infinite does with the story when Burial at Sea is included makes it the best storywise.

Marienburg-Freeguild: Bioshock is the best. The music, atmosphere, creativity, cut scenes, and plot twist put it over the edge as one of my favorite games ever.

Bioshock 2…… is the worst. The game was kind of clunky as well as the atmosphere as well as creativity were kinds of lacking.

Bioshock 1 had a clear art deco, dystopian feel, similar to the movie Metropolis. Bioshock 2 felt like it was trying to move to a 50s style cladded in pseudo art deco. Also, the gameplay was a little clunky and glitched a bit from what I remember and the story wasn’t as compelling.

Bioshock Infinite was fun and I enjoyed it better than 2 but it didn’t feel like Bio Shock and focused too much on America’s dystopia utopia.

Rapture is Bioshock as well as Bioshock 1 did it best.

What would you do if the underwater city of Bioshock 1 and 2 was real?

Nodomi: On the one hand: Neat, an underwater city!

On the other hand: Fuck that.

Bioshock kinda ruined the dream. Can’t imagine these kinds of things without thinking about what would happen if things hit the fan.

Barl0we: I’d stay the hell away from it.

RamRanchCowboy: I would attempt to jizz on every surface I could find.

Which BioShock game is your favourite and which one is your least favourite and why?

EREHTTUO: Infinite is my favorite because of Anna Moleva (obviously not only because of her but, y’know.)

My least favorite would probably be 2.

TheVoidian: I like the first BioShock. Everything after it sucks.

I definitely think the opposite. My splicer from BioShock 1 would hunt my big daddy from BioShock 2 for fun. They also really toned down the horror aspect of BioShock 2 in comparison to BioShock 1. I really loved how gruesome and terrifying BioShock 1 was. I didn’t even bother with infinite when I saw it was rated T for the teen as I was already disappointed with how vanilla and soft BioShock 2 was.

What Vigor & Plasmid powers from the Bioshock video game series has the most practical use in real life? and what’s your favorite ones?

excitingstairway: My pick would be Murder of crows. With it I can dematerialize into a murder of crows, the applications are endless.

Iambutteredtoast: Electro Bolt and Telekinesis….both from BioShock 2

Bio shock infinite vigors of possession and shock jockey along with a return to sender and bucking bronco

How would you build your own utopia, ie. Rapture or Atlantis (Mythology)?

LightFielding: I choose fully automated luxury space communism.

My utopia would be the inside of a cardboard box, six inches high, wide and long. Nobody would fit in it.


In a fully immersive VR. Don’t want the pesky laws of this universe to get in the way.

Hey Reddit, what how much work would it take to make a city like Rapture using our current level of technology?

Einteiler: It is probably doable. I would imagine the difficulty would not be technology or work, but money. With no return on investment, I doubt anyone would be willing to foot the bill. It probably would also be a logistical nightmare in the way of necessities.

Skurk-the-Grimm: Well, logistics could be easy if you think about it… establish a beachhead underwater, build a Material HUB, build an offshore platform on the surface where you install a Lift that transports the needed cargo to the seafloor.

You would just need the Building machines and a constant power source.

If humanity would really want that, it would be very easy. It’s all a matter of money.

What video game has a story that rivals that of the original bioshock game?

TheBlueNinja0: Planescape: Torment

System Shock; it’s the reason they named it Bioshock.

Life is Strange

What fictional place would you find more terrifying to visit, Skull Island or Rapture?

TheSorge: Rapture, 100%. A claustrophobic, decaying underwater city filled with Splicers, Big Daddies, etc? Couldn’t pay me enough.

What if Elon Musks first city on Mars ends up like the rapture in Bioshock?

Gutami: then it would end.

Ol_Mate-: More like Red Faction

L4yla1987: The destructible environment in the first one for ps2 made the game amazing. Single-player and multiplayer were great.

Willed with insane bourgeoisie horrifically mutated from genetic material extracted from local critters?

At least we know alien life will exist.

I mean, it sounds like the game mixed with DOOM so it would be an awesome video game idea.

It would however suck for science.

Where do you believe a good location for a Bioshocks game would take place?

iAMnotAtrollTODAY: The game lost everything when they took it above the ocean. Really, the sequel was a bit of a stretch.

There is nowhere else to go with it. Let it be. Sometimes less is more

I think they went as far as they could with the games. I can’t honestly see where else they could go



Mars, when water was on it

Open world in Rapture before it fell maybe?

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