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Borderlands: Best/Worst Questions asked on Internet So Far

Borderlands: Best/Worst Questions asked on Internet So Far

How do you feel about the gay characters in Borderlands?

blueracey: As long as that is just a small detail and not made out to be their whole personality Actually that goes for everything movies, tv shows, video games. I do not care that the characters are gay, girl, male, straight, of color as long as they are good characters I will probably not even put any thought into it

You are the CEO of Gearbox. How do you piss off the most people with the Borderlands 3 release?

TheGeoFire: No co-op or single-player option. No story. Battle royal only. Clap Trap sings for the first minute of every round.

timetobeatthekids: Make a point to include minority and LGBT characters, but also include super racist caricatures and rape jokes.

Battle Royale is necessary to advance the story and every gun/skin must be paid for within a certain release window

Borderlands players of Reddit which classes are the best in Borderlands 2 and the pre sequel?

thatoneguyyou know: The guy with the turret. Idk the game that well but I always play that guy lol

I loved the Assassin class in BL2

Ricothesnowfox: Non-dlc is claptrap & zero DLC is the technomancer & jack (he’s a duplicate)

CocktailChemist: I don’t know about best, but Maya and Gaige will always be my favorites for BL2 and Aurelia and Claptrap for BL: TPS.

Upsilonu51: The Commando for Borderlands 2, and I wouldn’t know about the Pre-Sequel, ’cause I couldn’t really get into it and give much time to learning the different classes. I do love my turrets though.

What was your favorite location and why?

i_consume_lean: The Badass Crater of Badassitude, because it’s badass.

nojared12: The entire tiny Tina DLC. My favorite parts of the game are in there tbh. But of the main game? Probably caustic caverns

BetaTestedYourMom: The tiny Tina DLC followed by the badass crater of badassitude *torque air guitar in background *

GrumpyOleVet: Marcus’ Shrine.

What is your favorite quote from any of the games?

Laughing_Fish: Claptrap’s speech about his weaknesses was my favorite:

“Damn-it Jack! How did you know stairs were my only weakness?! Next to electrocution, and explosions, and gunfire, rust, corrosion, being kicked a lot, viruses, being called names, falling from great heights, drowning, adult-onset diabetes, being looked at funny, heart attacks, being exposed to oxygen, being turned down by women and pet allergens!”

Harbobd800: “Arggh this is so frustrating, see this is what I don’t get about you bad guys, you know the heroes gonna win but just don’t die easily. Example, city burning, people dying left to right yadda yadda yadda, and this jackhole rushes me with a spoon, a fricking SPOON. So I scoop out his tiny little eyeballs with it and his family’s all WAHHHHH haha haha I don’t know maybe you had to be there, The moral is that you’re a total BITCH!” <Handsome jack>

What Song Would Be Good For a Borderlands Opening?

I doubt they could ever find one more matching then ain’t no place for no hero in the second one

Final Countdown or Don’t Stop Me

baby shark.


Borderlands fans, what is your favorite gun manufacturer and why?


FatSlacks4Real: Maliwan causes elemental damage is the shit!!!

aecht: Probably jacobs. Lovesome semi-auto. Get some abilities that help reload speed and/or mag size and you’re wiping the floor with bandits

If any of the Borderlands games were real, what would you do?

inkywood123: I’d straight up clap them claptrap cheeks. Busting bolts all over his pizza party

krakhednukes: Kill jack, find a flakker, DP unkempt herald.

What would you pick for a movie song for Borderlands?

brannana: Use the songs for the opening and credits of both 1&2. (Ain’t no) Rest for the Wicked – Cage the Elephant No Heaven – Champion This ain’t No Place for a Hero – The Heavy How you like me now? – The Heavy

How long would you survive if you suddenly were teleported into the world of Borderlands?

Nolederan: If claptrap can survive all that time, then I can too right?…right?

mattcruise: I shoot myself. Everyone there is so obnoxious, I rather die.

NUT696969: I would just disappear the millisecond I got there

You have the choice to become anyone from the Borderlands saga, but in this reality. Who do you pick? Optional: why?

Cian28_C28: Face McShooty. Wanna get shot in the face? Cause that’s how you get shot in the face.

Facezzz: As a guy, MOXI

DrDischord: Butt Stallion – This is self-explanatory

UpbeatEnvy: Handsome Jack. Why the fuck not. He’s already a tortured soul what’s a little more.

Burnt-Waffffles: Uh, duh…Tiny tina!!!

If you were a BL character, what would your intro scene say?

Halcyon2192: Just write a bunch of cringy jokes.

Andrew-w-jacobs: Elevator music as they introduce, me, the unimportant side character.

gausidolf: Oh no

PeReeeeeeeeedot“You know what, no I’m not doing this anymore I give up I quit”

AspergersElliot26: “That’s all you need to know.”

wiifitfans: “Hi guys I’m a borderland”

IrritatedNut: “Wait, this isn’t the right place”

Who would you cast as Moxxi in the BL movie?

Halcyon2192: Gemma Arterton

Zack_Raynor: Christina Hendricks

stormtrooper_trainee: if it was based on looks alone I’d go with Jessica Nigri but need an actress for the movie, not a cosplayer….

Meme_Chan69420: Scarlett Johansson

Vault Hunters, what’s your most badass moment in the BL?

Serious-Wrongdoer999: Hanging out with Tiny Tina in her room.

LoopyLot1223: Beating Terramorphous for the first time 8 year old I would have thought I was really cool.

What would happen if all police were equipped with “The Bane” from BL2 as their primary arm?

fubarbobHad: a thought while on another thread: can you come up with any conceivable excuse for confusing this thing for any other weapon?

ntnmyhdthrowaway: God that would be awful. But maybe it would reduce shootings since that shit would be so annoying

CrangisMcFootball: people would still go apeshit

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