The man in the hallway

So right quick before i start. im terrible at writing so i do apologize if its difficult to read.

I don’t remember how old i was but this was at least 5 or more years ago so i was very young. I lived in a single-wide trailer house and my room was in the middle of a hallway that started at a laundry room and ended at a bathroom and a bedroom which was full of junk.

At the time it was just me and my dad. I had also recently gotten a puppy that i named Spike. Very small weiner dog. One night i couldn’t sleep so i ended up staying up till like 4am. Finally decided to actually try and fall asleep. Light on, covered up, door open and Spike curled up on my chest.

I use to always sleep with the light on (still do sometimes) Not because im afraid of the dark, im just afraid of not being alone in the dark. Its weird. Like 5mins of laying down, the power goes out. No storm, no thunder and no idea why the power went out. A couple of mins of chilling in the dark i kinda give up on hoping the lights come back on so i close my eyes and attempt to sleep. All of a sudden i hear heavy foot steps so i think to myself that my dad woke up and came to check on me. Foot steps lead to where the thermostat was, which was like a foot away from my door. All of a sudden i hear my dads loud snore. I completely freeze out of fear.

Knowing something or someone is right outside my door. The foot steps continue to walk up and down the hallway and would occasionally stop at one of the ends of the hallway. This would go on for what seemed like hours. Note: i live in texas so for how ever long this went on it became hotter and hotter. I thought i fell asleep and was having a nightmare or sleep paralysis. The foot steps finally came to a stop but ended at my door. Felt like a few mins of what ever was there was just standing there, staring at me some how.

I start freaking out in my mind, staring at the ceiling. Im too terrified to move or speak, couldn’t even see anything. The room was dead silent. After thinking whatever was at my door was somehow gone, i begin to calm down abit. But after all that, i hear my carpet kinda shuffle like someone was walking in my room. The footsteps were alot slower this time and was slowly but quickly approaching my bedside. The footsteps stop at the middle of my room, i close my eyes and completely clear my mind and accepted my fate to whatever was about to happen. Dads still snoring heavily from his room which was all the way across the house.

At this point im completely drenched in sweat still awaiting my fate or at least something to grab me. I noticed my dads snoring has stopped. Like a min or so i hear more footstep, its my dad! He woke up because of the heat. He came with a flash light and was shining it down the hall. I took a quick look around my room to see if there were any silhouettes in my room and luckily nothing. My dad stopped at the thermostat and never actually shined the light in my room. Kind of expected him to atleast check on me but no. I could hear him walk back to the kitchen so at this time i was thinking to myself “its now or never” i pushed Spike off my chest so he wouldn’t fall and i threw my covers off and booked it as fast as i can to the living room. It felt like something was chasing me when i entered the hallway.

My dad asked me why i was awake and all i told him that i was hot and woke up. I was too scared to tell him i stayed up. Never even told him about the footsteps. The power finally comes back on and he tells me to go back to bed. I was hesitant to even enter my room but i did. Checked my closet, under my bed. Nothing. No one was in my room. Didn’t go back to sleep and stayed up all day.

(End) I had to get rid of Spike and i no longer stay in that house or live with my dad. No other scary experiences have happened there before or even after. Ive convinced myself it was just sleep paralysis but thinking back about it now that im older makes me want to throw up.

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