Brown-eyed soul

As I stepped into the forest the fresh breeze hit me and softly caressed my cheek. As the day slipped in to darkness I was greeted by a single rain drop that approached my cheek and let me know a storm was present the faint golden glow of a camp fire behind the tree line let me know that although I was alone in a dark place we was never truly alone.

The forest grew larger with each step I took hearing the sound of leaves crunching and owls hooting it not only showed how alive the forest was but how I was no longer Alina the faint sound of the stranger and her family playing children laughing and old 50s music playing faintly let me know that this moment was going to live on in their hearts.

As I stepped out of the Forrest and walked towards home I realised how although I was far away from home I was already there in the forest. Instead of golden glow from camp fires it was the glow from headlights of cars. We slowly walked down the illuminated walkway and I thought to myself “it’s either now or never “ we looked at each other in the rain I looked into her eyes that was as brown as an oak tree and kissed her the glare from the headlights only illuminated two silhouettes the people within the car realised this is true love.

They stopped and stared at each other for a moment and as the heavy rain drenched the two they looked at each other and said simultaneously “I love you “ they shared the walk home listening to old french music and dancing the night away with glares from the golden lights and in that moment neither of them wanted it to end. those glares not only led us out of the night but the dark place within us and let me know there are still bright places and we can be those bright places. He then said to her “only you can make this world seem right only you can make the darkness bright” “ when you hold my hand I understand that magic that you do your my dream come true 🌹 “

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