Friend left me with a guy when black out drunk

I went out for apps with my friend Ashley. When we got there I knew the bartender from parties. I met him twice prior. He recognized me and kept giving us free drinks and shots. I do not know how much my friend drank, but she was in the bathroom for an hour talking to her boyfriend then I blacked out.

I ended up waking up at my parents house with no pants on in my room with the guy trying to have sex with me in the morning when I was sleeping. All my drawers were open and my parents were home. I had to wait for them to leave to drive him home. My friend drove thirty minutes to my house to go out but her car wasn’t there so she drove home at night.

I texted her what happened and that I felt like a gross dirty hoe. I’m not the type to sleep around and I voice this to people. When I told her she said “yeah I know he wanted to sleep with you I said that and he laughed. I had him drive us to your house in your car so I could drive home. I kept knocking on your head to see if your were okay and you said you were fine. At least he wasn’t bad looking”.

She also said “So I drove home, but then I felt guilty cuz I was like maybe I should’ve went and then drove us back after dropping the guy off . Meanwhile, he was set on sleeping with you”

I feel she broke my trust. She knew what she left me with. It could of been worse but it was still very bad.

Should I cut her off? The guy is also sending me aggressive messages accusing me of seeing other guys which is scary because I didn’t see it as consensual and he’s acting like a boyfriend.

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