Friend recorded phone calls for 2 years

A long time ago about a friend who was recording our phone calls for years.

He said it was because I’m funny and he wanted to put our phone calls into a podcast. Which really freaked me out.

I told him either delete the phone calls or I can’t talk anymore. He wouldn’t delete them so I stopped talking to him.

He has since texted me every two weeks or so for the past 9 months. I have not responded once. He just texted today “I love you very much”.

It’s really creeping me out. I’m afraid if I block him, he’s going to do something weird like try to publish the phone calls online.

I’ve already sent a cease and desist letter from my lawyer 9 months ago. What do I do here?

(Update: I blocked his number after he texted yesterday, then I received a prank phone call at 4am from another number, sounded like him)

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