Seeing the last chat with my dad a year ago, I cried heartbreakingly

Sorry that my mother tongue is not English, but I have to speak it out, so I used a translator because it was really painful

My father died of lung cancer a year ago, when I had just graduated from university. I kept a lot of his photos and videos, but I never dared to open them. Even if it is even his chat history, I dare not look through it.

Today my mother wants to log in to his mailbox to check some information. My dad usually doesn’t use the mailbox often, but I remember that he once told me his mailbox password in the chat, so I went to check the chat history of the two of us.

When I saw his chat avatar, I couldn’t help crying. He also used the smiling face. I looked up the chat log and found that the last conversation between the two of us stayed on August 4th,2020.

I said to him: Dad, let’s go to see Interstellar together! This movie is very touching. We were not able to watch it in the cinema together. This time you go home and we will go to the mall to watch the movie together.

My dad said: Okay, no problem!

He was diagnosed with lung cancer three days later, and it was already at an advanced stage. He died in the hospital a month later. None of us thought it would be so fast, and we didn’t even have time to feel sad.

I haven’t watched this movie this year. Today I think of it and the father and daughter inside. Their love can travel through time and space. Can my love for my father travel through time and space?

Thinking of this, I couldn’t help crying.

My father loves me very much, he respects me and loves art. We listen to music in the mountains, drive the car, and fish together. I just didn’t expect that we didn’t even have the chance to watch another movie.

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