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Nation history is never straightforward, and it is most certainly always shaped by even more complex figures. Upon meeting Ruth Bader Ginsburg — RBG — either in her youth or later years, you wouldn’t have given her much thought. She was never one to stand out and always kept her distance, but this seemingly timid woman has made history more than a fair share of times.

The second woman ever to be nominated as the Supreme Court Justice, she successfully argued in numerous women’s rights cases before the Supreme Court. One discriminatory case at a time, RBG laid the foundation for the more equal society we live in today. With so many injustices in the way, each step forward became a leap but those hardships never once discouraged her from doing what she wanted and what she thought was right; her moral principles were always a reliable guide.

Another thing that helped her throughout her journey was her mother’s advice — getting angry is never worth it. She always accepted the plurality of opinions and characters around her and worked toward a sound compromise.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg wasn’t simply an expert in her field — she was, first and foremost, a compassionate and kind human. Her distinguished personal traits were what made her such a fair and professional judge. She was reserved, always took her time, and her words were always carefully chosen.

This summary, though short, will help you rediscover RBG by fleshing out a complete portrait of an outstanding person — both professionally and personality-wise. We’ll dive into her difficult journey towards a spot on the Supreme Court and all of the things that made this journey possible.

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