You might not realize or acknowledge it, but there’s a considerable chance that you have at least one problem that’s holding you back from achieving your full potential. One of the most prevalent problems is the one called the Upper Limit Problem. This problem has everything to do with the psychological and mental state more than the physical state.

Sitting in his office one day, Gay Hendricks reflected on his work and relationship and felt very satisfied with himself. In the same sitting, just a few moments later, he was already worrying about the safety of his daughter Amanda who had gone on a summer program away from home. When he called Amanda’s dorm supervisor to ask about the safety of his daughter, he was assured that she was doing well and having fun.

Now, what could have made Hendricks move from being satisfied with his life, to be worried and sad within minutes? Hendricks realized that he had unconsciously created painful images in his head because he was feeling good! A part of him was afraid of getting too happy and excited that he automatically created a bad scenario in his head to pull him down from the height of happiness he was attaining. The Upper Limit Problem!

Almost everyone suffers from this problem; all you have to do is take an in-depth look at your life, and you’ll see the patterns everywhere. The Upper Limit Problem is what is stopping you from realizing your true and full potential. As humans, we find it hard to sustain a prolonged period of peace and harmony; we often spoil it with the arguments, conflicts, crisis, and even war. The prospect of being thoroughly happy seems so far-fetched and unrealistic to us, and that’s a significant problem in human life.

Immediately Hendricks discovered this pattern, he set himself on a journey of fully unraveling the mystery behind this problem. He consulted his inner self and asked himself some life-changing questions that you should also ask yourself.

1. How can I extend the periods of contentment in my life?
2. If I can eliminate the behaviours that stop the flow of positive energy, can I learn how to feel great all the time?
3. Can I allow things to go well in my life all the time? In relationships, can I live in harmony and intimacy all the time?
4. Can our species live in expanding waves of peace and prosperity, free from the patterns of messing things up when they are going well?

These questions are the maps that you need to help guide your life and pull you out of the Upper Limit Problem.

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