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A reminder that not every film you watch has to be a cinematic masterpiece

Over the years I’ve definitely been guilty of being the kind of person to look up RT/Metacritic scores in response to a film being suggested and poo-poo the idea if it doesn’t reach a certain standard. I’ve always justified it by saying ‘why would I watch some mediocre film when there are still so many amazing films I haven’t seen?’

However, yesterday I was picking up a friend at 4 pm and at about 2:15 pm I was looking for something to watch to kill the time. I came across the new Antoine Fuqua film ‘The Guilty’ and it was almost the perfect length to be done by the time my friend was ready, plus I’m a Training Day fan. However, I looked up the reviews and they were pretty mediocre. It almost turned me off watching it, but I ended up watching it as I didn’t have the time to look for something else and finish it.

I ended up having a really good time with it, it was tense and engaging and while it had some glaring issues (the unlikeable main character being the biggest one) I enjoyed it overall. It just reminded me that not everything I watch has to be a masterpiece, and sometimes you can just have a good time with a film in your downtime and forget about it afterward.

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