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The ideal job needs to suit your personality and reflect who you are. This will enable you to put your innate strengths to good use instead of wasting your time on things that you don’t enjoy doing. The good part is that there are various types of jobs out there that will suit each person. Some people love taking risks; others can’t cope with such stressful conditions.

Some people love expressing themselves through art, while some people can’t even doodle. People have different personalities, needs, values, interests, desires, and skills. This is why one person enjoys a job and the other doesn’t — enjoying what you do is the secret to career satisfaction.

Some people are lucky to discover this secret early, but some of us are stuck in a mental match while thinking of what we can do, what we ought to do, and what we want to do. You should rather focus on who you are to set things in the right motion.

For a long time, career professionals have known that some types of people are best at certain jobs and that it is vital to find a match between your personality and your career.

Let us look at the case of Joanne, a thirty-year-old elementary school teacher who had a career crisis. She was burned out after seven years of teaching math. The career aptitude tests and assessments indicated that teaching was the best career for her.

But she had become dissatisfied with her job because of the rigid school rules and structures. She eventually found out that she was in the wrong career because things that stimulate her were absent from her teaching job. The solution was clear.

The career counselors, Paul D. Tieger, Barbara Barron, and Kelly Tieger advised her to go for her Master’s degree and teach in higher education. Today, Joanne is doing well in teaching graduate-level math courses.

Most people end up in the wrong careers due to wrong advice from their well-intentioned family, friends, parents, or counselors. It could also be due to making decisions while unprepared about the future. To find the right job, you have to find the real you and focus your innate habits and strengths on your ideal career. The type comes into play here because it serves as an effective, systematic way to find your strengths and weaknesses.

You will know that you are in the right job when you are excited and energized to go to work daily. You also feel appreciated and respected at work and vice versa. You are proud to talk about your work with anyone, and you are always positive about your future.

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