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BN5: How to Be Fine: Living by the Rules of 50 Self Help…

For full book: How to Be Fine: What We Learned from Living by the Rules of 50 Self-Help Books Hardcover

BN5: How to Be Fine: Living by the Rules of 50 Self Help...


“Self help books are written from the point of view of the author, and whilst many are based on science and research, some are purely about the point of view. With that in mind, how can you ensure that you’re spending your time reading the most useful books, and that you’re not focusing your mind on something that isn’t going to bring you benefits?

Our authors, Kristen and Jolenta, decided to read 50 self help books and identify the ideas that work, versus the ones that didn’t. Jolenta is a self-confessed self help book lover, whilst Kristen admits to being more skeptical. This balance helps you to identify the ideas that could lead to your own self-development.

It’s very easy to read a self help book that has a lot of reviews and assume that what is contained within it is high quality and therefore something to live your life by. The problem is, one person’s ideas don’t always add up to a set of rules you should abide by for the rest of your days. We’re all different and that means that one size never fits all. The best self help books explore an idea and give you food for thought, helping you to expand on the theory in your own way.

The information contained within self help books is open to interpretation, depending on your point of view and how you connect with the idea.

As Kristen and Jolenta read through the 50 books, they found that some ideas worked very well and they both identified with the content, but some didn’t resonate at all. That just goes to show that while self help books might claim to have all the answers to life’s greatest mysteries, perhaps some fall short of the mark, depending on your own view.

Did you know? Researchers estimate that by 2022, the self help industry will be worth a huge $13 billion.

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