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BN14: How To Not Always Be Working

For the full book: How To Not Always Be Working

BN14: How To Not Always Be Working


This book is not about how to get you to work less, or stop working, or not have a job at all. Whether you’re a business owner, or you’re still working under your boss, this book is for you.

This practice toolkit is there to show you how to take a break, love your work and your life. It will show you how not to get consumed by work. This book is not just for those that want to be their own boss. It is for everyone that wants to understand the different levels of their life. And people who hate categories, too.

“How Not To Always Be Working” serves as a way of saying yes to the process, a means of showing up, taking time, and taking a time-out. Leisure and deep breathing are for everyone, not just the 1%, not just the enlightened, as well as not only the privileged. Continue reading to find out how you can be this person.

Usually, we can be of the wrong opinion that whatever we do that is “hard” is work. And what is easy is not work. Your job may be your work, but not always. We may have some jobs we enjoy doing. They feel easy, as well as after having a truckload of them, it eventually does feel like work. You are exhausted, you feel like you haven’t rested, you’ve forgotten to drink water, exercise, or take a break.

When you love doing something, it can be hard to feel like you are working when doing it. So, to get that boring admin or paperwork done, make it fun to do.

Play music, do fun things to ease the process. It is all about that. Work is subjective. You could have a hobby, but when you start seeing it as a source of income, it could eventually become work. When things on your worklist become the only things you do, it hurts your spirit. Friendships, relationships, as well as even your business will suffer.

The first step now is to identify what work is to you. Make a list of all the things you consider work. Be relaxed while you’re at it so you can get it all. Now that you have made this list, to ease up on all that you have to do, you can delegate. A delegation will not only make life easier for you, but it also provides jobs for other people. Don’t be hard on yourself. Take it easy. After you’ve done all these, write out why you’re grateful for your work. Or what it is about your work that you’re thankful for.

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