If you are a coffee lover this job is especially for you.

Love drinking coffee? Get pay for it. is now partnered with Koa Coffee paying students to drink coffee while reading books.

RECOMMENDED: Research explains how Coffee helps you lose weight.

There are two ways to get $100 for drinking coffee.

  1. Offline: You can drink Koa coffee and only read one book we suggest you to read within 100 days and write a short summary of minimum 5 to 8 pages each of 350 words.
  2. Online: You can drink your regular coffee and read our shorten books for next 100 days.

If you go with the first choice you become our coffee taster. If you have a great tasting bud then you can taste our different varieties and write a review on it.

                                          All you have to do is buy Koa coffee and complete reading the book, we will suggest you within 100 days of time. In the end, the company will use your feedback to make a better decision about the mix and to improve the product.

If you go with the second option you will have to read all our short books for the next 100 days without breaking the 100 days streak.


  1. include sharing the experience on personal social channels, committing to buying locally for a month and seriously loving coffee.
  2. Must be a self-professed Starbuck’s addict
  3. Must commit to a buy local lifestyle to satisfy your coffee needs for a full month
  4. Maintaining a strong social presence is a plus but not require
  5. Visit at least eight locally owned coffee shops over a month.
  6. Take photo of your cup of coffee at each shop
  7. Log the key metrics necessary for our team to gain insight into your experience going local
  8. Write a summary of your experience going local

Ready to start as a Coffee Reader? Let’s go!

For the offline method mail your Koacoffee bill to us at [email protected] and follow the instructions received.

Have questions? Contact Us Anytime

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