Every investor looks forward to the day the bear market ends, as it can be a brutal experience for many. The emergence of the next bull market means crypto investments will likely do well given more positive sentiment, new token prices reaching all-time highs, and more.

For now, the reality is that the stock and crypto markets are dwindling. Some have called this the most important bear market in the history of crypto, and people are getting ready for what will likely be the biggest bull run ever in the near future. I’ve turned to projects that I think are offering the best potential opportunities to capitalize on the next leg up.

Even though APYs offered by Defi projects are decreasing and web3 projects are offering staking rewards for holding PFPS, it’s always best to have a portfolio with many different investments. I’m a Cosmos fan, and my portfolio has been diversified across ATOM, OSMO, and JUNO. I’m now getting some AnonsNFT on Secret Network, as I think their access control feature is state-of-the-art. Additionally, Loop Finance is a great choice with its stackable NFT feature and power rewards system, which is designed to give stakers extra rewards as more products are utilized.

You may not like the Cosmos, but no matter what your preference is, whether you’re an investor or a developer, the focus is still on making it through until things get better.

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