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Knock Knock

There is a man named Kevin. Kevin lives in a house alone. He’s 42 years old. He lives alone because there was a horrible accident with his wife and two children a year ago.

Kevin is very, very sad every day. Kevin likes to watch children play near his house. He thinks of his children when he watches young children.

There are many children who live near Kevin. In his opinion, they are very good children. Kevin’s favorite evening activity is watching Jeopardy.

One night, after watching Jeopardy, Kevin turns off the television and hears a very soft knock on the door. Kevin gets up and opens the door, but no one is there. Kevin thinks they are the children, and goes to his bed to sleep.

In the morning, Kevin drinks his coffee and goes outside. Look at the children playing. Talk to Jesse, one of the kids.

“Hey, Jesse.” Did you or your friends knock on my door last night?
“No, Kevin.” We don’t knock on your door.
-Oh, okay. —Kevin drinks his coffee and watches the kids for a while.

In the evening, Kevin watches Jeopardy again. After Jeopardy, he turns off the television, and again he hears a very soft knock on the door. Kevin is upset.

Do not get up. But after a minute he hears a slightly louder knock on the door. Kevin gets up annoyed and opens the door. No one. He looks everywhere for a person, but there is no one.
The next day, Kevin talks to Jesse again.

“Jesse, look, I’m not mad.” You. did they knock on my door at night? Jesse looks at Kevin with a confused face.
“No, we don’t knock on your door at night, Kevin.”

At night, Kevin watches Jeopardy again, but has difficulty concentrating. Think of the door. After Jeopardy, Kevin turns off the television and looks at the door and waits. Suddenly, he hears a very soft knock on the door.

Kevin is very upset but doesn’t get up. Decide to sleep on the couch. He hears a slightly louder thump after a minute, but Kevin falls asleep.

Suddenly, Kevin wakes up because he hears a super loud knock on his door. The house shook from the blow. Kevin is in shock, he looked at his watch. I was asleep for two hours. He gets up and opens the door. No one. Kevin is very scared. Your heart beats very fast.

Kevin didn’t get much sleep at night, but there were no more hits. He gets up from his bed and takes a bath. After taking a bath, Kevin is in shock because he looks at a message in the mirror. He says

“Now we are all home. We love you.”

There are prints from a small hand, a larger hand, and a hand from a grown woman. Kevin looks at the note and cries because he is so happy. His family is at home.

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