Malaysian Police Destroy Bitcoin Mining Rigs Worth 10M

Bitcoin mining rigs were crushed by the Malaysian police with a steamroller, a video of which has now gone viral on YouTube. The police last week crushed more than a thousand electronic rigs used by Bitcoin miners illegally, with a steamroller. Authorities in the city of Miri in the coastal Sarawak state reportedly seized 1,069 rigs from miners who allegedly stole electricity to run mining operations. The devices were seized between February and April and have an estimated value of MYR 5.3 million. Eight people were reportedly arrested for being involved in mining activities using stolen electricity.

The authorities, however, did not mention why the police decided to destroy the rigs in such a dramatic way, and not use the expensive systems for something else.

A local news outlet in Sarawak, Dayak Daily, uploaded the video on YouTube that shows the rigs being steamrolled. Watch the video below:

As the cryptocurrency market surged earlier this year, it brought into focus the massive energy consumption in mining digital coins. The energy-intensive “proof-of-work” process, through which Bitcoins are earned/generated, makes computers compete to solve complex mathematical equations. Given the competitive element in the quest for valuable cryptocurrency, powerful mining rigs — PCs purpose-built to maximize mining rewards — are preferred by cryptocurrency miners.

A total of 1,069 units of Bitcoin mining rigs were seized in the Malaysian city, reported local newspaper The Star. All the seized rigs were “disposed of” at the Miri district police headquarters on Friday, July 16.

The report said the Sarawak electricity board suffered damages of MYR 8.4 million due to electricity theft by Bitcoin miners. The individuals arrested for electricity theft have been fined up to MYR 8,000 and jailed for up to eight months, the police chief told The Star.

Electricity theft is a major issue in regions where Bitcoin is mined as some miners use illegal means to secure the power supply necessary to make a big profit from cryptocurrency mining. Because of the additional pressure, it puts on the electric grid, authorities have to often resort to load sharing that results in regular outages.

Steam Deck not intended to compete with Nintendo Switch

This week, Valve rocked the video game industry after announcing the Steam Bridge its first handheld console. Although rumors about it have surfaced in recent months, the presentation took us all by surprise. Of course, it’s inevitable to compare it to the Nintendo Switch, a product they took inspiration from to some extent. Does this also mean that Valve intends to end Nintendo’s reign in the handheld console market?

Let’s be honest. The Steam Deck, for its features and price, is quite attractive. As this is a portable console, it was to be expected that many people would make a direct comparison to the Nintendo Switch. If we evaluate each of its specs, it’s obvious that Valve’s offering comes out on top, by far. . This has led some to believe that the Japanese console is in danger, but it is not.

Steam Deck not intended to compete with Nintendo Switch

The reality is, Steam Deck isn’t looking to hunt down the Nintendo Switch. far from there. Although both belong to the laptop industry, it would be normal to think that they will be pitted against each other, the potential buyers each sought out are completely different. . To be convinced, just take a close look at what matters most when buying a console: the catalog of games it offers.

The Steam Deck makes all of its Steam Library available to its future owners. In other words: the catalog of the world’s largest digital PC game store. However, if we take into account that it will also be possible to install Windows, as it is after all a laptop PC, we can also include the extensive Xbox Game Pass – for PC – catalog, the Epic Games Store and a wider range of third-party software.

Basically, the Steam Deck wants to bring the experience of computer games, as well as the PlayStation and Xbox consoles, into the palm of your hands. How does the Switch survive? Like all other Nintendo consoles of the last four decades: with Mario, Zelda and Pokémon, among other franchises exclusive to the great N. Its market is so well defined that the Steam bridge poses no threat.

The two can coexist and be successful without hindering each other. because their software offerings are very different. People buy the Switch for the latest Nintendo games, titles they won’t find anywhere else. Here is the evidence.

Nintendo Switch follows a lonely road

Unlike PlayStation and Xbox consoles, where the best-selling games are usually third-party franchises, like GTA, FIFA, or Call of Duty, on the Switch, Nintendo’s own games take the top spots. . According to data provided by the Kyoto company through March 31, 2021, the 10 best-selling titles in Switch history have been released by Nintendo itself:

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (35.39 million) Animal Crossing: New Horizons (32.63 million) Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (23.84 million) The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (22.28 million) Pokémon Sword and Shield (21.10 million) Super Mario Odyssey (20.83 million) Super Mario Party (14 , 79 million) Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee! (13.28 million) .Splatoon 2 (12.21 million). New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe (10.44 million).

You have to go up to the fifteenth position to find a third entry: Capcom’s Monster Hunter Rise. Of the top 40 bestsellers, there are only four games for which Nintendo was not directly involved in publishing. This clearly indicates that The Switch is backed by its first-hand product catalog. . The market buys this console to take advantage of franchises that are not present on other platforms. At least not officially -hail, emulators-.

Steam Deck tackles a niche ignored by PlayStation and Xbox

If the Steam Bridge isn’t meant to steal Nintendo users… then what market does Valve want to capture? A phenomenon that PlayStation and Xbox, for one reason or another, have chosen to ignore.

PlayStation threw in the towel in the laptop industry after the PS Vita failure . Its efforts are entirely focused on maintaining its leadership in desktop consoles, a goal that has been renewed with the start of a new generation. With the PlayStation 5 off to a great start, Sony is unlikely to turn to portable hardware again.

Xbox, on the other hand, has never tried to tackle handhelds, although it has recently tried to gain traction on mobile devices with the help of Xbox Cloud Gaming (xCloud), its cloud gaming platform. video game streaming. Phil Spencer’s bosses are working hard to develop Xbox Game Pass and bring it to as many devices as possible. The Steam Deck will definitely be one of them.

The door was therefore open for a giant of the industry to devote its resources to offering a portable console capable of allowing us to enjoy GTA V, Call of Duty: Warzone, Destiny 2 or Assassins’s Creed Valhalla, for example.

All of the above doesn’t mean the Steam Deck has created a new segment of video game hardware, however. In fact, quite similar handheld consoles targeting the same niche have been around for years. The big difference is that almost none of them have the backing of a giant like Valve except the Nvidia Shield Portable. The latter arrived in 2013 with a limited catalog and did not take off as Nvidia had hoped.

The price of the Steam Deck, the key to success

The main advantage of the Steam Deck over its counterparts is undoubtedly its aggressive price. The legendary Gabe Newell Gabe Newell, CEO of Valve, admitted in an interview with IGN that the Steam Deck was designed with the idea of ​​being offered at the most competitive price possible. “We knew the price was very important, so from the start we designed it with that in mind and we worked very, very hard to get to the price point that we arrived at,” he said.

It is entirely possible that Valve will lose money on every Steam deck sold, a situation normalized in the manner of PlayStation and Xbox. Of course, these are strategic moves that aim for the long term and that only companies with enormous economic potential can afford.

Valve’s main focus, in addition to dominating a niche made up of a few computer and console gamers, will also be to develop this particular market . If the Steam Deck manages to become an attractive device for more people, why not think that PlayStation and Xbox will be eager to enter the handheld business? We will see what this gives in terms of sales.

BNY Mellon Joins State Street to Support New Cryptocurrency

U.S. banks BNY Mellon and State Street join with four other companies in supporting the soon-to-be-launched platform.

US bank BNY Mellon supports the new Pure Digital cryptocurrency trading platform, following in the footsteps of another major US bank: State Street. This was reported today first by the Financial Times and then by other media outlets in English.

BNY Mellon Joins State Street to Support New Cryptocurrency

The New York-based bank will join a group supporting the new bank-grade trading platform that will go live in the coming days. State Street had already said in April that it was providing the infrastructure for Pure Digital.

Both banks have expressed their intention to start using the platform for trading itself, the Financial Times said.

It should be noted that these two banks, BNY Mellon and State Street, are among the oldest banks in the United States. They join four other unidentified companies (also banking) to support the new platform, whose operations will begin with a Bitcoin transaction “within a week” Campbell Adams, co-founder of Pure Digital, told the Financial Times.

Additionally, both banks were already arriving with crypto news: BNY Mellon and State Street announced the formation of crypto custody divisions this year, the first in February and the second in June.

Learn more about Pure Digital

Pure Digital, based in London, is a crypto trading platform startup.

Cointelegraph recalls that Pure Digital took center stage in the industry in April when State Street announced plans to provide its trading infrastructure to Pure Digital Exchange through its foreign exchange technology subsidiary Currenex. The institutional-grade platform is expected to be a fully automated OTC market for cryptocurrencies, with physical delivery and bank custody.

According to the report, the banks behind Pure Digital will create a cryptocurrency exchange platform with the aim of competing with the biggest players in the industry. “We’ve spoken to all the leading banks, but we think the custodian banks were among the first to see the demand, so they’re more advanced now,” said Lauren Kiley, CEO of Pure Digital.

Pure Digital co-founder Campbell Adams said his platform is not about working with banking institutions. In this regard, he said:

“The cryptocurrency market needs banks, I don’t think it can evolve without them.”

Streaming Platform Netflix just revealed it lost half million users

As the world’s largest and most popular streaming platform, Netflix seems like it can’t do anything wrong.

Streaming Platform Netflix just revealed it lost half million users

The growth of the multimedia company has been exponential over the past decade, so much so that Netflix recently announced plans to branch out into creating video games at no additional cost to its global subscriber base.

Despite the positive reception of this announcement, as well as Netflix posting $ 7.3 billion in revenue for the second quarter of 2021, all is not rosy at the headquarters of the streaming giant. Why? Because Netflix has actually lost subscribers in its main North American stronghold.

Revealed during the company’s second-quarter 2021 earnings report (according to The Hollywood Reporter and Variety), Netflix said it recorded a loss of 430,000 subscribers in the United States and Canada.

Overall, Netflix’s subscriber base grew by 1.5 million between Q1 and Q2 2021 – the streamer landed nearly a million new paying users in the Asia-Pacific region alone – and Currently leads its streaming rivals with a global subscriber base of 209 million.

However, Netflix is ​​seeing a slowdown in the growth of its user base. In the first quarter of 2021, the company had forecast it would add 6 million new users to its subscriber base, but the actual figure of 4 million was 33% lower than estimated.

Netflix hopes to increase its user base to 3.5 million new subscribers in the third quarter of 2021, which is a more modest outlook based on its second-quarter 2021 numbers.

Analysis: Why did Streaming Platform Netflix see a drop in users in 2021?

For its part, Netflix believes there are two main reasons for its shrinking North American user base and slower overall growth.

The first reason? Covid19. Netflix has not been immune to the effects of the ongoing pandemic, like all other global companies, and subscribers have had to decide if they can continue to pay the monthly subscription fees which for a Premium subscription, can cost $ 17.99 (£ 13.99). ) per month.

Speaking on the call for the second-quarter earnings report (via THR), Netflix CFO Spencer Neumann said: “It really comes down to Covid, frankly. For us, that at least creates short-term fluctuations in business trends. ”

Netflix Co-CEO Reed Hastings added, “We’ve had these 10 years that were smooth as silk, and we’re just a little wobbly right now.”

As for the second cause, Netflix attributes the increased competition from other on-demand entertainment apps, such as TikTok and YouTube, to slower growth.

As Variety reported, a Netflix Q2 2021 earnings report letter reads: “In the race to entertain consumers around the world, we continue to compete for screen time with a wide range of screen time. companies like YouTube, Epic Games, and TikTok (to name a few). But, above all, we compete with ourselves to improve our service as quickly as possible. If we can do this, we are confident that we can maintain our strong position and continue to grow nicely as we have been over the past two – decades. ”

As valid as these two reasons are, is Netflix’s propensity to cancel fan-favorite shows another cause of the slowdown in its paying customers?

In 2021 alone, Netflix unplugged 10 TV series, including the Sherlock Holmes spin-off The Irregulars, a live-action adaptation of Mark Millar’s Jupiter’s Legacy comic book, and Jamie Foxx Dad’s sitcom Stop Embarrassing Me!

A quick social media search, for some of the shows Netflix canceled this year, shows that there was (and still is) an audience for them.

If some Netflix fans are increasingly disappointed that their favorite shows are constantly being canceled, why would they continue to support a streaming platform that does?

Of course, Netflix is ​​a business and, given that it will have suffered the financial impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, it will have had to make budget cuts and cancel some shows.

The fact remains that the streaming giant has lost subscribers in one of its key territories – and it may not be a coincidence that some users ended their subscriptions in the same quarter that Netflix canceled. cult shows.

Netflix advances as a video game platform

Netflix has informed investors that it is going to enter the video game industry and that its landing will initially be on mobile phones.

Netflix advances as a video game platform

When in January 2019, Netflix said it saw more competition on Fortnite than on HBO, few could imagine that two and a half years later we would be talking about the entertainment company’s landing in the entertainment industry. video game. But the latest news points in that direction and it will be soon.

The first news about it appeared a few months ago, last week it was confirmed that it might launch in 2022 and now it is also known that the first titles will land on cellphones. The information came from an email from the company to investors, as we saw in The Verge.

Netflix announces that after experiments with interactive chapters, such as Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, they find “games as another new category of content for us, similar to our extension to the original movies, animation, and television. unscripted ”.

Disney + continues to broadcast news, such as its STAR channel. If you subscribe to the annual subscription, you will save the equivalent of two months compared to the monthly subscription.

According to the same email, they warn that “Initially, we will focus mainly on games for mobile devices ” A more than logical step and a warning for platforms like Google Play Pass and Apple Arcade.

In order to shape the project, will have Mike Verdu as head of development, former director of Electronic Arts. Although it is not known what will be the initial approach with video games or any details about it. The only thing that goes without saying is that they will have to blaze a new trail in such a competitive industry.

In addition, we note that video games will be included in the price without additional costs, at least in the first period. But we already know that this is an industry where different forms of monetization are still being considered.

In recent years, we have seen successes, but also failures of companies that have decided to bet on the world of video games. So far Netflix has a good history as a business, but it is true that the competition keeps increasing and they are not growing as expected. We will see how they advance in this new stage.

US government to pay rewards to cybercrime informants

For the first time, the US government has publicly announced that it will pay cryptocurrencies to overseas cybercrime informants.

US government to pay rewards to cybercrime informants

The US State Department last week released a statement offering rewards for reporting malicious cyber activity overseas against critical US infrastructure.

The textual statement: “The US Department of State’s Rewards for Justice (RFJ) program, which is administered by the Diplomatic Security Service, offers a reward of up to US $ 10 million for information that leads to the identification or location of any person who, while acting on the instructions or under the control of a foreign government, engages in malicious cyber activity against critical infrastructure in the United States in violation of Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) ”.

The publication states that these irregularities “may include the transmission of extortion threats as part of ransomware attacks; intentional unauthorized access to or exceeding of authorized access and thereby obtaining information from any protected computer; and willfully cause the transmission of any program, information, code or command and, as a result of such conduct, willfully cause unauthorized damage to a protected computer. 

Protected computers include not only the computer systems of the United States government and financial institutions but also those that are used or that affect commerce or communication interstate or abroad.

The Rewards for Justice program explains that it has implemented a Dark Web (Tor-based) cheat reporting channel to protect the security of potential sources. And precisely, after having indicated it, specify that “Reward payments can include payments in cryptocurrencies.”

US government first time

A spokesperson for the agency confirmed to Coindesk media outlet that this fact marks “the first time since its inception in 1984 that the Rewards for Justice program has offered a reward payment in cryptocurrency.”

Separately, Forbes adds that it appears to be the first time that an organ of the United States federal government has taken the plunge. Fiat Rewards Most Wanted lists are also maintained by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), but to date neither agency has publicly offered to perform cryptocurrency payments (even when the fugitive is wanted for cryptocurrency-related crimes).

Likewise, Forbes notes that for Bitcoin enthusiasts, the news can be seen as an admission by the U.S. government that decentralized cryptocurrencies are a viable way to conduct state affairs.

The magazine adds that obviously the amount offered is so high because the US diplomatic security service must be very aware that anyone who participates in its Rewards for Justice program is putting their life at risk. 

It is precisely for this reason that the decision to offer cryptocurrency payments seems quite pragmatic, as they offer more anonymity and less traceability than traditional payment channels. This is in addition to whistleblowers being asked to make contact through an anonymous Tor channel on the Dark Web, “which isn’t exactly routine government protocol,” Forbes explains.

Fraudulent ads on Google and Media What to know about

If you’ve seen fraudulent ads online, you’re far from alone: Google alone has blocked at least 3.1 billion of them to date. Facebook, too, has a scam ad problem — and it’s big enough to require 35,000 safety and security experts.

What to know about fraudulent ads on Google and Media

Are these two iconic companies doing enough to fix what’s broken? The jury is still out. 

Below, we explain what these ads look like, the steps taken to curtail the problem, and where you can report wrongdoing if you stumble upon it.

Fraudulent ads statistics 

A study from the U.K. consumer group Which? found that a substantial number of the fraudulent ads reported to Google (34%) and Facebook (26%) were not removed.

“The combination of inaction from online platforms when scam ads are reported, low reporting levels by scam victims, and the ease with which advertisers can post new fraudulent adverts even after the original ad has been removed suggests that online platforms need to take a far more proactive approach to prevent fraudulent content from reaching potential victims in the first place,” Which? said in the report.

Both Google and Facebook said in response to the report that they have removed many fraudulent pages and advertisements on their platforms, but more recently, they have begun to take additional measures to crack down on scams.

“Our 35,000-strong team of safety and security experts work alongside sophisticated AI to proactively identify and remove this content, and we urge people to report any suspicious activity to us,” a Facebook spokesperson said.

“We take action on potentially bad ads reported to us, and these complaints are always manually reviewed,” a Google spokesperson said.

What does an ad scam look like?

One of the most common forms of fraudulent ads on platforms like Facebook and Google appears to offer merchandise for sale, but customers receive a different, inferior product if they get anything at all. 

One Texas resident told TIME Magazine in December that the two ornamental Christmas trees made of sea glass that he ordered ended up being two plain plastic cones. He’d bought them from someone impersonating a legitimate Florida woman who made and sold sea glass figures on Etsy, and it was she who ended up being flooded with complaints from angry victims of the scam.

Another common ad scam masquerades as a promotion for cryptocurrency. Consumer advice expert Martin Lewis sued Facebook in 2018 after seeing fake advertisements that used his name to promote Bitcoin scams. He told The Observer in May that the company is still not doing enough to fight false ads.

“I just don’t get why,” Lewis said. “Why are they not doing it? … It’s been exploding for the past three or four years, and it’s been exacerbated due to the pandemic.”

Facebook filed two lawsuits against abusers

For its part, Facebook is taking fraudsters to civil court and hoping to make them stop by hurting them in the pocketbook.

“As part of our ongoing efforts to keep people safe and combat abuse of our ad platform, we filed two separate legal actions today against the perpetrators of online scams who violated our terms and advertising policies,” Facebook’s Director of Platform Enforcement and Litigation Jessica Romero said in a June press release.

One lawsuit concerns the California marketing company that allegedly ran a bait and switch on the social media platform where customers either didn’t get what they thought they were buying or got something of lesser quality.

The second lawsuit involved people allegedly using a technique known as “session theft” or “cookie theft” to compromise the accounts of employees of advertising and marketing agencies. They misled the victims into installing a mobile app from the Google Play Store deceptively called Ad Manager for Facebook that requested their Facebook login information. The group used this information to run ads for online scams.

Facebook’s new privacy-enhancing technologies

Facebook’s Vice President of Ads and Business Products Dan Levy last week announced that the company is working on new “privacy-enhancing technologies” that will help protect their users’ personal information while still allowing advertisers to efficiently target their promotions. This will involve a collaboration with various industry groups,  including the Partnership for Responsible Addressable Media, the World Wide Web Consortium, and the World Federation of Advertisers to determine the ideal practices.

“Businesses are confronting a permanent shift in people’s behavior, a migration to eCommerce that might have taken a decade exploded within a year,” Levy said in the announcement. “This, combined with growing technologies to meet people’s privacy expectations, is a generational opportunity for our industry to innovate once again. We must develop new ways for businesses to reach customers and to give people more control over how their personal information is used in advertising.”

Google’s updated cryptocurrency Fraudulent ads policy

Starting in August, Google is updating its policy on advertising for financial products and services, specifically concerning cryptocurrency, to ensure that advertisers are registered with either the federal government’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network and at least one state or as a government-chartered bank, ” as well as that they comply with legal requirements and all Google advertising policies.

Google will revoke all prior certifications for cryptocurrency exchanges on Aug. 3, meaning that advertisers will have to request new certification. It will forbid ads for initial coin offerings, decentralized-finance trading protocols, and the purchase, sale, or trade of cryptocurrencies or related products, including cryptocurrency loans and celebrity cryptocurrency endorsements.

In addition, Google will no longer allow “[ad] destinations that aggregate or compare issuers of cryptocurrencies or related products,” such as websites that provide advice on cryptocurrency investments.

Guilty Gear Strive’s first DLC character is the extremely surreal Goldlewis Dickinson

Guilty Gear Strive’s first DLC character has just been revealed to be Goldlewis Dickinson, the surreal-looking secretary of defense of the United States who, for some mysterious reason, carries a coffin labeled “Area 51” with an alien inside as a weapon.

Guilty Gear Strive: The coffin wielding maniac now enters the battle

Goldlewis Dickinson is a fan-favorite in Guilty Gear Strive’s story mode for exactly the reasons described above. He’s an amalgamation of some of the weirdest stereotypes of American law enforcement & the conspiracy theories surrounding America’s secret military projects.

He’s a fantastic new addition to the game’s roster and is now (most likely) the second grappler character fans can invest in besides Potemkin.

Design-wise, Goldlewis finally breaks tradition by not being one of Guilty Gear Strive’s extremely young e-boy looking characters (once again, Potemkin aside, but to be fair, Potemkin under the mask is a chad).

Dickinson is not a very youthful, pretty character, but he makes up for that with literally everything else. He wears glasses with lipstick stains on them and carries around a coffin labeled “Area 51” with an alien inside. He rocks a fine-looking coat that, despite all the shenanigans, is a reminder of just what position of power the man is in.

Goldlewis is the character Guilty Gear Strive desperately needed to fill the void of surrealism its previous installments were known for.

As mentioned above, Goldlewis is most likely a grappler character, but it’s hard to tell until the release of the starter guide just to what extent his kit will be designed around command grabs.

Perhaps like Kliff Andersen of Guilty Gear Accent Core, the damage potentially stems from his slow but hard-hitting normals, where he swings his coffin around to wreak havoc across the mid-screen.

However, the funniest thing has to be how the alien inside the coffin also makes an appearance. It actively helps Goldlewis during some of his attacks and specials. And it’s tough to describe just how funny the whole thing looks unless you see it for yourself.

Overall, Goldlewis is a fantastic character, and fans hope that he is viable in high-level play so that people can see some exciting plays and new strategies in-game.

There’s no doubt that Arc System Works has once again knocked the ball out of the park with their character designs. And everyone is looking forward to his debut in the game on July 27th.

New single Normani Feat. Cardi B: Wild Side

Normani took her time with this one. The former Fifth Harmony star has returned with “Wild Side,” her first official single since 2019’s “Motivation,” and she’s showing off the parts of her that fans never get to see. The R-rated track features Cardi B, who cast Normani in her “WAP” music video last year (one of her many strokes of utter genius).

Directed by Tanu Muino with creative direction from Maxime Quoilin, Normani commands the attention of every camera across dynamic sets.

She shows off all her dance training, from body rolls to floor work to popping and locking, all while styled in updated 2000s fashion baggy pants and tiny tops galore. She joins the R&B songstress wearing nothing but the (glowing) skin she’s in

“Dancing With A Stranger”, her celebrated collaboration with Sam Smith, was a huge success, as was her debut solo single “Motivation”. She appeared in Cardi B’s infamous music video for “WAP” last summer, and now the two women are teaming up again.

On “Wild Side” we get to hear both the sultry vocals of Normani and the raw raps of Cardi B. Yet the number colors nicely in the lines. Normani treats us to dreamy, somewhat monotonous R&B, but Cardi B stanza provides the necessary variety.

“Wild Side” doesn’t break the bank, but it does form a pleasant track that makes the question grow louder: where is Normani’s debut album now?

Donald Trump Lawyers Who Spread False Election Claims Are Now Defending Themselves In Court

Six months after the violent attack on the U.S. Capitol, attorneys who promoted former President Donald Trump’s false claims about election fraud are being forced to defend their actions in court.

But some experts say the abuses over the past four years compel the legal profession to perform some deeper soul-searching.

“I just think it’s important, if we are to reset, that our profession is prepared to confront itself and make decisions about who we want to be, who we are and what it’s going to require, which may be uncomfortable, to ensure that we hold our character,” said Sherrilyn Ifill, president of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, at an event sponsored by New York University School of Law.

Ifill, who used to teach aspiring attorneys about their roles and responsibilities as “officers of the court,” has been calling for an independent commission to produce a full accounting of how lawyers lost their way.

So far, there’s little public sign of interest in that kind of self-examination. Instead, judges and attorney discipline panels are performing their own investigations, case by case, in a methodical fashion.

This week in Michigan, U.S. District Judge Linda Parker grilled lawyers close to Donald Trump about the actions they took before filing a lawsuit that claimed irregularities in the 2020 election.

“What authority did this court have to decertify election results?” Parker asked.

The city of Detroit wants those attorneys to face sanctions. At the hearing, Detroit lawyer David Fink called their lawsuit sloppy, careless and “an embarrassment to the legal profession.”

Preet Bharara, the former U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, has been monitoring the election fallout with interest.

“You make a misstatement in court — first of all, don’t do that,” Bharara said. “And if you do, correct it immediately. There’s nothing worse.”

But at the hearing in Michigan, some of the attorneys who are under scrutiny adopted a different approach.

One of them, attorney Lin Wood, said he didn’t read the complaint before it was filed. Another lawyer with ties to Trump, Sidney Powell, said she took “full responsibility” for the paperwork. Powell told the judge she’d practiced law with the highest standards.

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