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Take a break from dating apps and embrace meeting people IRL — in real life

Apps have introduced millions of happy couples who may not have met otherwise. Dating apps have been significant for singles in sparsely populated areas and people over the age of 50. But, unfortunately, the way that certain dating apps present information can cause us to focus on the wrong things. While apps create many thriving relationships, they can also perpetuate harmful cognitive biases among their users. Since so many people are meeting via dating apps, app makers have a subtle but astonishing amount of power over our love lives.

Dating apps never give you the chance to be proved wrong because you can weed out people who aren’t your type. ~ Logan Ury

Since apps can only measure superficial traits, they exacerbate our shallowness. Apps can make us more indecisive by overwhelming us with choices. They’ve created a habit of relation-shopping which means comparing and contrasting people as if they’re potential purchases. Some ways to use the apps to date smarter are: 

• Change your filters 
• Change how you swipe 
• Don't go out with too many people at the same time

“Improve your chances of meeting potential lovers by taking off your headphones and interacting with the world around you.”

While apps are the most common way people meet one another these days, you can still strategize ways to meet people IRL. Four strategies for meeting people IRL are: 

• Go to events 
• Get your friends and family to set you up on dates 
• Connect with people you already know 
• Introduce yourself to people


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