It Starts with Us

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Written By: Colleen Hoover

Narrated By: TBD

Date: October 2022

Duration: 10 hours 0 minutes


Before It Ends with Us, it started with Atlas. Colleen Hoover tells fan favorite Atlas’ side of the story and shares what comes next in this long-anticipated sequel to the #1 Sunday Times bestseller It Ends with Us.

Genres:Romance > New AdultRomance > Contemporary


Is It Starts with Us the sequel to It Ends With Us?

From CoHo IG: “This is a sequel about Lily and Atlas because you guys deserve a book you’ve begged for. This will in no way redeem Ryle, just putting that out there. We WILL get Atlas’ pov (and lily’s) in this one. And there are no arcs yet because the book isn’t finished. Thank y’all so much for supporting It Ends With Us.

Should I read It Ends with Us first? or wait for this one

Read it ends with us first, as this book will make more sense after.

Is It Starts with Us going to be set before “it ends with us” or after?

After Its a Sequel

Can I buy this sooner than October 18, 2022, don’t care if it’s more.

Um, no I don’t think so. Unless you get special permission from the author you cannot get it until October 18, 2022. And don’t worry, many, MANY people are waiting with bated breath for this. Including me.

isn’t this book out yet?

No, it comes out on October 18 2022 in the US

is it the same story of it ending with us just from atlas’s POV or atlas and lily’s life after it ends with us?

It’s about what happens after ”it ends with us”.

Is it required to read this after I finish reading It Ends With Us?

If you are pleased with the ending of “It Ends With Us”, and don’t want to know about Atlas’s POV or what happens between him and Lily further on then no. If you do want more to the story, then I highly recommend reading it after finishing “It Ends With Us”.


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