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Who plays bunny and MRS Gambolini only murders in the building

Jayne Houdyshell as Bunny Folger, the iron-fisted board president of the Arconia and resident in 12A. Bunny appears in flashbacks in the season Houdyshell also voices Mrs. Gambolini, Bunny’s pet parrot who was left to Oliver in her will

How old is Shirley MacLaine on the time Only Murders in the Building?

When Only Murders in the Building, the hit Hulu comedy about a trio of podcasters investigating suspicious deaths in their Manhattan co-op, comes back for its second season on June 28, the mystery central to the drama involves finding out who it was that offed Bunny Folger, the grouchy board president of the fictional Arconia apartment house. (The three have been accused themselves, of course.) But, what lurks at the heart of that grisly crime might not be the season’s most exciting surprise. That honor belongs to Shirley MacLaine.

Playing Bunny’s mother, the imperious and impeccably dressed Leonora Folger, MacLaine appears in the season’s second episode like a silver-haired hand grenade to launch her own investigation into her daughter’s demise—and reveal some unseemly secrets about the building’s history—and takes no prisoners when dealing with the amateur sleuths, played by Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez. She’s a smartly dressed, tough-talking broad, and in MacLaine’s hands, she arrives to deliver an intoxicating cocktail of elegance and attitude.

Selena Gomez

Rose Cooper painting

Someone framed the podcasters for Bunny’s murder at the end of Season 1. But Bunny herself left a pair of clues for the trio to solve in her final words to Mabel: “14” and “Savage.” That immediately pointed to Charles, who lives on the 14th floor and has the last name, Savage.

Fans have since learned Charles is at least tangentially involved in this case. When Arconia residents Uma and Harold popped into Bunny’s apartment to collect her most valuable possession — a painting by the artists Rose Cooper — they discovered it was missing. And when that painting turned up in Charles’ apartment, audiences learned he had a direct connection to it: The man in the image is his father. Turns out, that Rose lived across the street from the Arconia, and the two were having an affair.

Zoe Colleti

Only Murders in the Building has a new witness (and maybe a new suspect) in Lucy, the tween daughter of Charles’s ex-girlfriend Emma. She used to live with Charles in the Arconia and the two bonded over omelets. Charles hasn’t spoken to her since Emma broke up with him, but he reached out at the end of season 1. Now, Lucy’s here, played by Zoe Colletti.

The teen shows up in the latest episode to reconnect with her former father figure. She’s got the energy to spare and she adds a new generational divide between her Gen Z terminally online-ness and Mabel’s millennial ennui. Turns out, she’s a fan of the podcast and she might know something about who killed Bunny. Not only does Lucy know about the Arconia’s secret passageways, but she was also there on the night that Bunny was murdered because she was looking for Charles. Because she doesn’t have an alibi and would know how to mess with the Only Murders podcast crew by referencing things they’ve said on the pod, keep an eye on Lucy.

But if you already knew all that and are still scratching your head trying to figure out where you’ve seen this child actor before, I’ve got you covered there as well.

Who played Poppy on Only Murders in the Building?

It’s the addition of new characters, along with the development of peripheral ones (Adina Verson’s Poppy, as the loyal assistant to Tina Fey’s imperious murder-pod queen, gets a fun arc) and a deepening of the show’s immersion in the history of the Arconia, that keeps the new episodes from merely repeating season 1.

Only murders in the building filming locations

Only Murders in the Building’ Is Filmed in a Real New York Building.

Only murders in the building season 1 synopsis

First, the basics: Only Murders in the Building is about three residents of a building on the Upper West Side of Manhattan called the Arconia: a former television actor named Charles Haden-Savage (Steve Martin), a theater director named Oliver Putnam (Martin Short), and an artist named Mabel Mora (Selena Gomez).

Happy Birthday Selena Gomez…

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